Dear American Conservatives,

We live in dangerous times.

A man you hate as much as anyone else is running to be president under your banner. Those who aren’t voting for him are either not voting or are voting for “what is Aleppo”, a man so unqualified for the presidency that in any other year he’d be struggling to get within an order of magnitude of his current 9% polling.

After the election there’s a good chance that the Blue team will control both the white house and the senate. With an open spot on the Supreme Court and several justices at the ends of their careers we’re likely to see a hard-left bench and the end of the constitution as an effective force in American politics.

What are you doing about this?

Why are you letting this happen? From my perspective an ocean away you’re making the same mistake the left is making here. You’re running scared of a fringe, and not taking control of them. You’re also focusing on the big shiny prize, with the long term result of being unable to get even that, and with the short term cost of losing all the rest.

Who am I talking to here? I’m talking to moderate, reasonable conservatives. People who aren’t irrationally opposed to change, but want democratic control over what happens. Who want traditional rights respected, not new ones invented from whole cloth. Who want sensible economics, not racism disguised as a trade policy.

I find such people in two camps, those who want to support the libertarians this November, and those who are trying to cling on to the GOP while distancing themselves from Trump.


To the first:  People won’t vote for the libertarians until you can show it working. Here is my strategy for a libertarian President in 2044. It’s also a strategy for a root-and-branch reform of the entire American political system.

Vote Libertarian 2044

Supposing you’re not willing to back the long long road to the Libertarian victory. Then focus on excising the cancer at the heart of the GOP. Fix your damned candidates. Make sure that RINOs don’t run under your flag. (Remembering of course that Republicans In Name Only includes anyone who doesn’t support the platform that reasonable sensible conservative members of the party have worked for for generations. This certainly includes Trump, and frankly includes a lot of the weirder Tea Party types).

Stop Nominating Buffoons

I wish you the best of luck. Because god knows your country needs you.


3 thoughts on “Dear American Conservatives,

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